Capgemini’s testing offering is model driven

The Capgemini testing offering to the banking sector can be seen here

My interpretation is that they have packaged some existing model driven offerings into something their consultants can use on site.


  • Hard coded: The domains they cover include payments and credit cards. The model driven solutions they use look like branded offerings from other vendors. Their solution does not look like it can drive model driven testing into other domains.
  • Scalable: They like model driven approaches as new knowledge and know how can be built into the models as they go. It then deploys to other clients for free.
  • Robust: By putting the capability into the tooling the senior management can be more confident that their consultants on the ground will deliver a good job.

Maybe I should start up a conversation with them. Our modelDT tool delivers these advantages in the general case.

The disadvantage of the not being hard coded is the set up for your business domain. But then the scope is everything, not just what others have done already.


ModelDT: how to industrialize testing

Just posted to SlideShare the slides presented at NoMagic UML conference.

“In this presentation you will learn steps towards making your testing: – Correct – Scalable – Agile – Low cost”