ModelDT: how to industrialize testing

Just posted to SlideShare the slides presented at NoMagic UML conference.

“In this presentation you will learn steps towards making your testing: – Correct – Scalable – Agile – Low cost”


Webinar shows how to write and deploy an OCL business rule

Tricia Balfe shows me how to write a simple rule, generate code to test data to that rule and find the errors in a test file.

Introducing OCL: Breaking the slow turnaround time for business rules

New webinar – Introducing OCL: fast ways to deploy business rules

Tricia Balfe from Nomos Software has offered me an online introduction to OCL. The conversation started here getting-benefit-from-ocl-rules-with-nomos

She said she will show me how to deploy the business rules into Java. I asked her to keep it simple! She has set up a webinar and said anyone can join. Tricia is a genuine expert, so it will be good. Webinar: Introducing OCL: fast ways to deploy business rules