Big data and analytics – the media is on the band-wagon

There are 3 items in London’s @CityAM paper this morning on big data and analytics.

City A..M. readers are business people, mainly in London, and if like me, on the Tube. City A.M. only write what they think this audience are interesting in reading. And it seems business people like reading about big data and analytics a lot.

On page 22 is a case study on a firm, “The Outside View”, using data and analytics to find prospects. “Using data to drive new sales”. The main thread is about using a very wide range of data, not just internal – LinkedIn for example.

The other is an opinion piece “Why it’s nimble SMEs that are best-positioned to capitalise on the huge benefits of big data”. It is mainly about the lower cost of managing big data – the cloud etc.

On-line there is another “The big data toolkit” by @jacquitaylorfb

If you are pushing data and analytics to your organisation these might make good PR for you.


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